Once upon a time I had an great idea.

Instead of checking if my bones were broken or not for a price. I would make it totally free by putting my arms in a scanner used in a building and show the photos to an doctor friend thus make the X ray check free.

But I have heard medical ones are lot more accurate and ones used in the airports aren't high resolution enough for an medical examination.

It's been years since my teenage self thought about it and I am here.

According to some simple research. An X-Ray ay scan for arm and fingers take 0.001 mSv while an luggage scanner gives 0.04 mSv.

I don't have much information whetever the scanners used in the airports are different from the ones used in a hospital thus that's all the information I know.

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    I guess you misunderstood my question as being conversational. What I was asking you to do was show in your question what research you've done. That's a requirement here. And Kate is right that your question is borderline ridiculous. This site isn't the place to post questions you imagined in your teens. Do you have a serious question? If so, please edit it to include the research you've done and make it a real question and not just a teen fantasy.
    – Carey Gregory
    Jan 10 '19 at 5:08
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    @CareyGregory just a comment before I edit it which may take hours later. I will try to find how much radiation is needed but research may take some time too Jan 10 '19 at 5:38
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    Interestingly you're not the first person to think of this Jan 10 '19 at 13:47
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    @JonathanIrons unfortunately the article only indicates what Kimi was trying to do - no real detail on how effective the results were. Fun anecdote though! Jan 10 '19 at 15:35
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    As you have researched, the luggage scanner spreads 40 times much more radiation then medical x-ray. So, I want to ask you something: Why would you take high dose radiation unnecessarily?(0,04 mSv) Seriously, what is you purpose which for the sake of your health? Jan 10 '19 at 22:12

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