I've always had trouble with studying like a lot of other people. I have always been a great student but never had good grades. I love and understand Math, Chemistry and Physics better than many people(even those who get better grades than me) but I failed in two of them in the last exam.

The main problem is attention. I am never able to keep my attention on anything; Even video games and other hobbies. But when my mom mentioned that I used to write letters in reverse when I was young, I went online and found out about dyslexia. I checked out this list of symptoms and to my surprise I found that I had a lot of them(20+) in common(I asked my mom, younger brother and elder sister to validate them).

Now I'm pretty convinced that I might have dyslexia but there is no way I can confirm. I come from the poor country of Bangladesh. Psychiatrists are costly and aren't common here. People of my country think problems like schizophrenia are caused by paranormal creatures. My mom won't believe me at all and says that I made it all up in my mind; I just have to set myself free. Which could be true but I can't believe until someone I can believe tells me that I am not Dyslexic.

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