I want an idea about time spent for taking 1 bag blood. I have a blood donor he will donate 1 bag blood. After taking his blood it will be transferred to a patient.

Would anyone provide an idea how much time this process may take to complete

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Normally whole blood is not used for transfusion purposes. Instead it is separated into components which are then transfused after first being aggregated. If someone needs a blood transfusion, then normally they are given packed red cells without platelets and without plasma.

The transfusion times are:

The infusion rate for blood products depends on the clinical context, age and cardiac status of the patient. In stable, non-bleeding adult patients typical administrations details are:

Red cells: 1-3 hours

Platelets: 15-30 minutes

Fresh frozen plasma: 30 minutes

Cryoprecipitate: 30-60 minutes per standard adult dose


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