Nodular acne is a condition where sebum plugs usually cause bumps on, and inflammation of, the skin, before the sebum emerges or can be extracted with a comedo extractor. Occasioanlly, this happens without inflammation.


Per a dermatologist I spoke with, topical retinoids open pores to help expel the trapped sebum, but only oral treinoin (E.g. accutane) can dwindle sebum production.


Why does the body not decrease sebum production on its own? Assuming the body's ability to detect the inflammation and acne nodes, why wouldn't it adjust sebum production?

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Your assumption is incorrect; the body doesn't have that kind of feedback mechanism for sebaceous glands. Feedback mechanisms exist in the body for many processes, but this is not one of them. Excessive oil secretion is common, and it is not clear why some people have it and others do not. Sometimes acne results, but not always.


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