First, some acronym definitions:

  • RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.
  • MEAT: movement, exercise, analgesia, treatment

How does MEAT compare with RICE treatment to treat a tendinopathy (specifically, a tendinosis)? I.e., which one leads to a better recovery? (I'm aware that better include several component such as how fast one recovers, how well, etc.)

I read MEAT vs. RICE Treatment and Steven Low's overcoming tendonitis: they both advocate for MEAT without giving any scientific evidence MEAT is actually better than RICE.

  • Downvoter: please explain. Mar 24 '18 at 5:44
  • You may want to say what exactly do you mean with tendinopathy, because the term can refer to either acute tendon injury (tendinitis) or chronic injury (tendinosis).
    – Jan
    Mar 24 '18 at 8:57
  • @Jan good point, I meant tendinosis Mar 24 '18 at 15:47
  • What are the results of your research on pubmed? Mar 24 '18 at 20:21

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