For reference: http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/ucla-scientists-explain-mechanism-that-makes-their-mouthwash-so-effective-against-tooth-decay

Antimicrobial peptides as mouthwash were first invented in 2011 at UCLA according to this article. There was a brief burst of news/media attention around them in 2015 and then nothing. What happened to them? Are these mouthwashes available anywhere (including outside the U.S. or in experiments/clinical trials) and where can I get them?

Several searches for where to buy them turned up nothing.

Extra credit question: could this approach be used as a substitute for antibiotics in certain applications or deployed against bacteria that are dangerously resistant to regular antibiotics?


That trial was from Colgate Palmolive and it doesn't appear to have lead to a commercial product yet. The approach seems flawed anyway as you'll just create a selection pressure to develop resistance.

More promising alternatives are available in the form of probiotics.


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