Some of my family members seem to be using Lysol surface disinfectant spray to mask bad odor in the bathroom. I keep trying to explain to them that it's not meant to be used in such a way. They seem to be a firm believer that because it says "removes odor" on it it means it will mask odors in the air the same way as actuall air freshener. Every time they spray ALOT. Enough to make me start coughing in a vented room. Anyone have any negative medical health hazard facts I should tell them to make them stop?

  • My condolences to you. I'll take poopy smells any day over the chemical warfare people insist on engaging in. – Carey Gregory Mar 1 '18 at 2:28
  • Welcome to Health, user13086! Please take the tour and read the help center. What has your research revealed to you on this so far? You may improve your question to comply with site guidelines with an edit and the help of How to Ask. Thanks! – LаngLаngС Mar 1 '18 at 2:46

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