I found these data concerning influenza vaccination coverage in Italy. I don't understand how the total is calculated. It is not a simple media.

For example, for the season 2016-2017 the data are as follows:

enter image description here

If I sum up the values of the first line (in red) and average it, I get:

0.5+0.6+0.7+0.8+0.8+1.6+6.4+48.2=59.6/8=7.45 that is different from 14.6.

If instead I sum up the values of the column (in blue) I get:

0.5+0.5+0.6+0.7+2+1.2+0.3+0.9+1.3+5.2+0.3+0.9+0.5+0.6+0.8+2.4+4+0.2+0.6+1.3+1.1=25.9/21=1.23 that is different from 1.5.

So, what kind of calculations were made to get the Total values?

Can someone help me?

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These appear to be weighted totals

I don't have the methodology used to to derive these figures, but I would expect that the totals are weighted by age group size (for the last column) and by region population (for the final row).

I used the values for Italian age distribution (NB only goes to 2016, not 2017), and got values closer to the expected values, eg 9.6 for Provincia Bolzano once weighting for age was taken into account.

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