I'm translating a Russian text that gives a description of necropsy results. It mentions "productive vasculitis":

Сосуды вокруг участка гранулематозного воспаления с признаками продуктивного васкулита.
Vessels surrounding the granulomatous inflammation site have signs of productive vasculitis.

Judging by the paucity of Google results for "productive vasculitis" (a mere 100 links), the phrase is a calque from Russian. I wonder how this type of vasculitis would be described in English.

Here's a description of classification I found online, written in English by a Russian specialist:

Vasculitis (angiitis) is an inflammation of blood vessels (aortitis, arteritis, arterioles, capillaritis, phlebitis, lymphangitis). Vasculitis can be destructive (necrotic), productive and granulomatous.


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