Mederma and Contractubex have similar composition.

Mederma's ingredients according to Tabletwise:

  • Allium Cepa Topical (onion)
  • Allantoin Topical
  • Purified Water Topical
  • Xanthan Gum Topical
  • Polyethylene Glycol-4 Topical
  • Methylparaben Topical
  • Sorbic Acid Topical
  • Fragrance Topical

Note: two main active components are highlighted in bold.

Contractubex's ingredients according to Tabletwise:

  • Extractum Cepae-Cepalin Topical (onion)
  • Heparin Topical
  • Allantoin Topical

Both products are made by the same company - Merz Pharmaceuticals (Frankfurt, Germany).

These two gels have almost identical active components, except for heparin. Contractubex contains it, Mederma doesn't.

Which of the products better suited for treating normotrophic scars that aren't older than 6 months?

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