Some Context...

A couple years ago my friend shouted into my ear very loud at a concert (stupid move, but I guess he just wasn't thinking), and ever since, it has been prone to getting blocked and is more sensitive to loud noises.

I have a number of flights in a row to complete tomorrow. I am flying from Australia to Brazil. I had a short flight, about 50 minutes across states today (Melbourne to Adelaide)

Tomorrow I'll be going from:

1. Adelaide to Dubai


2. Dubai to Rio De Janeiro

over 23 hours or so.

The Problem

While coming down to land on my flight today I started feeling quite a lot of pain and swelling in my ear canals. When I massaged between the behinds my ears to just underneath the joint of my jaw, I felt that the tube was so swollen that it had become rock hard.

Ever since the flight - about 3 hours from writing this, my ear on the right side (the one that was shouted into) is completely blocked, and there is a tight sensation in my sinuses, on that side of my face and I am experiencing mild nausea.

I will be trying to book an emergency appointment to see a GP today, but if they can't book me in, I'll have to take the advice of medical stack exchange and make a decision whether or not to fly further, for risk of damaging my ears.

My Question

Is it safe for me to fly today? Is there any chance that flying will injure me further?

  • Unfortunately, personalised medical advice is off-topic! First paragraph is likely unrelated to your issues. Read up on Eustachian tube, cabin pressure and compare. Might be just discomfort related to air pressure or serious issue of who knows what. We cannot answer that! Commented Dec 10, 2017 at 11:10


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