I would like to know, is there an area of overlap between misophonia and autism? Because I have heard autistic people are sensitive to specific sounds in absence of love and cover their ears. How different are these conditions?

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Regrettably, there has been no diagnostics code or preliminary research done for a connection between misophonia and autism. Instead, there are some commonalities between the two.

Autism or autism spectrum disorder is a complex neural damage caused in the brain wiring of a person with remarkable signs of learning disabilities and repetitive behavior.

Misophonia, like autism, is in reference to the psychiatric or mental health of a person. It is a condition likely to show a number of influences without much of the evidence.

Individuals with autism often become overwhelmed by sensory processing disorder. Loud noises can irritate and even lead to a lack of functioning near the sounds resulting injurious for an autistic person. This certainly is a similar case to misophonia.




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