As far as I understand the stages of Chagas disease are three: acute, indeterminate and cronic.


Supposing someone is on third stage, does it mean that he/she has previously go through indeterminate stage?

In other words: Is indeterminate stage a necessary condition to cronic stage?


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Here an answer. Everybody is invited to debate. The person who wrote it is a Chagas disease specialist, Dr Anis Rassi Jr. So thanks Dr Rassi for the answer.

The phases of the disease are only 2: acute and chronic. The chronic phase is divided into: indeterminate form, cardiac form, digestive form and cardio-digestive form. With the exception of only about 5% of the patients who right after the acute phase get directly into a determinate form, all the others get into the indeterminate form. Of those in the indeterminate form, about 60% will remain indeterminate all lifelong while about 40% of patients 10 to 30 years later develop the clinical forms of the disease.

Similar information can be read on this excellent paper which is free (and has more than 1300 citations).


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