My understanding's that fever's an immune system response to pathogens. Would suppression of this response delay time to recovery?

  • I love this question. I too had it pop into my head once, years ago, when I had a fever and then suppressed it with Tylenol. Wondering if suppressing the symptoms of the immune response would prolong recovery time. I never found a satisfactory answer. Commented Oct 20, 2017 at 13:52

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There are studies that state reducing a fever may prolong illness. Fever can increase T-cell proliferation and cytotoxic activity. A study in 1990 showed that acetaminophen and aspirin increased symptoms and made viral shedding last longer. While that doesn't exactly address the role of NSAIDS I would think it would be the same as aspirin and acetaminophen. Source: Is Breaking the Fever Bad? Fever Suppression May Be Detrimental by Catherine Moss

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