How long can sperm survive when semen dries?

Can dead sperm cause pregnancy?

For example, if semen were left to dry on the toilet seat for 2 hours, and a woman were to use the toilet, is there ANY scenario in which she could get pregnant? Please answer,I am really paranoid over this one.

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There's no need to worry. Getting pregnant isn't that easy.1

It's unlikely that sperm survive for 2 hours.

On a dry surface, such as clothing or bedding, sperm are dead by the time the semen has dried. In water, such as a warm bath or hot tub, they'll likely live longer because they thrive in warm, wet places. But the odds that sperm in a tub of water will find their way inside a woman's body and cause her to get pregnant are extremely low.
Source: WebMD

But let's assume the sperm has somehow managed to survive on the toilet seat or whatever you are proposing. The sperm would then have to enter the female body via the vagina and travel through the uterus to the ampulla of the uterine tube for fertilisation.

enter image description here

Image Credit: pathologyoutlines.com

This is basically literally impossible.

But let's assume that, for the sake of the argument, the male sperm actually has travelled there. Even then, one can only get pregnant during ovulation, which is roughly 10-16 days before the female period in the menstrual cycle. Sperm only survives for several days (let's be generous and assume 4 days) in the female body, meaning that timing is pretty important. This means the chance to get pregnant at a random day is roughly 1/7.

1: This is one reason why IVF exists, and why quite a few couples have problems getting a child.

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  • @InStReSs If you are really that worried, I’d recommend that you read a book about pregnancy and human fertility. Getting pregnant is difficult (as I have told you in my answer), and there are no pregnancies “by accident”. “By accident” means someone didn’t wear a condom, and this does not happen on accident. Also, condoms don’t rupture. That’s a myth. // Go to your library and get a book. It never hurts to educate oneself, and it’s always good to know the body processes of the opposite gender. – Narusan Oct 4 '17 at 13:22
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    @InStReSs - Comments are for clarifying answers or questions. They are not for badgering or introducing several "what if" scenarios. I would highly suggest you go talk to a professional. There is no way for us to reassure you over every possible scenario. – JohnP Oct 4 '17 at 14:33
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    @InStReSs - As I said. Go talk to someone about it. This is not anything that we can reassure you on beyond what we already have. – JohnP Oct 4 '17 at 15:51
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    @InStReSs We have told you everything we can. Please talk to someone about your mental instability and educate yourself in how pregnancy works. You are saying you don't have the time, but later on write that you can't think straight anymore. Set your priorities right. This is my final word, there's nothing more we can do. Thank you for understanding and respecting this. – Narusan Oct 4 '17 at 16:09
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    Condoms can and do break/rupture. Please do not present misconceptions as fact. Vasectomies and tubal ligations have been known to still allow pregnancies. There are many accidental pregnancies using all different kinds of birth control. – JohnP Oct 4 '17 at 16:39

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