Is it possible to remove mercury from the (live) human body without undergoing chelation therapy? Does the body remove it naturally?

He switched to salmon and his mercury levels fell by half

-- article on Lee Hood

The first ~50 Google search results have been spectacularly unhelpful, pointing to "alternative" medicine pages like Mercola. Wikipedia didn't have anything on the topic (or I was unable to find it).

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Apparently the body does remove mercury naturally:

Sixty days after the amalgam removal, the Hg levels in blood, plasma, and urine had declined to approximately 60% of the pre-removal levels. [...] After removal, there was a considerable decline in the Hg levels of blood, plasma, and urine, which slowly approached those of subjects without any history of amalgam fillings.

-- Sandborgh-Englund G1, Elinder CG, Langworth S, Schütz A, Ekstrand J. - Mercury in biological fluids after amalgam removal - J Dent Res. 1998 Apr;77(4):615-24.

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