When I read something on nih.gov or nhs.uk, I trust that what I'm reading is scientifically reliable.

However, these sites do not really focus on cosmetics.

I'm looking for a website that is aimed at the general public, and provides information about cosmetics, and various cosmetic procedures like lasering or derma-rolling.

Most of the things I find about cosmetics online are written by questionable sources, such as consumers (who don't have a scientific background), or companies who clearly have a vested interest in certain products.

Is there an impartial, scientifically reliable and extensive website about cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic products, etc?

  • Checkout beautypedia.com. This features reviews (based on credible research) of make up and skin care products.
    – user16520
    Sep 23, 2017 at 20:30

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I would trust the professional organizations' websites and journals:

Or google your terms followed by site:aad.org or site:aocd.org etc

Finding evidence for the newest procedures is harder; there's simply less of it. I find this to be the case myself. Dermatologists themselves differ in what they accept and practice from newer technologies.

Any other major peer reviewed medical reference, like UpToDate, I would as well.

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