My father is suffering from corneal ulcer. So, I want to know if it is contagious. Materials on the net are not correct, and proposals in the same article (like this) contradict each other. That's why I want an authentic answer.

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There are a couple variables, let me explain.

An ulcer itself is not contagious. It is just an open sore that won't heal properly. What exactly causes an ulcer to occur needs to be determined by a physician. Contact lense wearers and individuals whom scratch the cornea are more susceptible to ulcers and bacterial issues. The short answer is no the ulcer is not contagious. HOWEVER if the ulcer is a result of bacterial infection it very well could be. Bacteria is non discriminatory, so you could possibly pick something up if you come into contact with any objects or non sterile material that someone else touches or has.

Rubbing eyes, or sharing contact lense solution could possibly transfer bacterium. Nothing is contagious as long as you take the proper medical precaution. It's best to practice very good hygiene.

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