Ayurveda is an ancient treatment from India which is 3000 years old, based on experience and observation.

Is Ayurveda good against modern diseases like tuberculosis, cancer etc?

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    Like any other medicine, the effectiveness of any treatment will need to be studied per illness. You list two here. Even in those two, studies on cancer treatment will look a specific type of cancer (breast, lung, colon, etc). I do not think many things have been studied at all if there isn't a drug they are looking to use. There are studies where Ayurveda is lumped in with all alternative therapies, but that isn't very helpful. – threetimes Aug 20 '17 at 19:42

Honestly, the only way we can see if Ayurveda works is through rigorous peer-reviewed research that involves statistical methodology (randomized control trials) and double-blind studies. The reason this is important to mention is because a lot of studies of alternative medicine are unable to be replicated by other researchers, which implies flaws in the study design.

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