The reason I am asking this is actually related to daily recommended potassium intake, which is stated to be around 4.700 mg daily. However, even if I concentrate all my meals on potassium intake, it's very hard to get near this number (I think around 14 bananas would suffice).

So searching for possible ways to increase intake, I noticed a number of "meal replacements" (like Soylent, but many of them DIY), which use potassium chloride or potassium citrate to provide the necessary intake.

For example, this "Keto Chow" recipe contains 6 grams of potassium citrate, and apparently perfectly provides all the nutrients:

Nutrient facts for Keto Chow
Image taken from www.completefoods.co

So the "numbers" look rather nice, but I am wondering:

  1. Are there any downsides using such meals?
  2. Specifically for potassium, is potassium citrate a safe supplement?

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