I've noticed that the consumption of caffeine increases my productivity and improves my mood. That being said, I'm wary of acquiring a tolerance - I would like to take a low enough dose infrequently enough that I have an increase in energy and mood when using it, and return to my baseline when not using it. I would like to avoid developing a tolerance to the point that consuming Caffeine simply brings me back to what was previously my 'baseline'. I've done a fair amount of searching online, and was unable to find any reputable sources detailing information on caffeine tolerance.

On average, how much caffeine will a person have to consume, and how often, to develop a tolerance?

  • The process of tolerance development is reversible (e.g., through a drug holiday[6]) and can involve both physiological factors and psychological factors. Wikipedia. Are we surely talking about drug tolerance or rather drug addiction?
    – Narusan
    Jul 10 '17 at 20:21
  • @Narusan I double-checked, and I am indeed talking about tolerance. I'll clarify my question via edit.
    – user9777
    Jul 10 '17 at 21:26
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    – Jonathan
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The answer is 1-4 days for blood pressure tolerance, and 7-12 days for neurological tolerance (focus, energy) Scientific citations in the Duplicate question here