From what I know:

  • HPV 51 is considered carcinogenic
  • There is currently no reliable method to completely cure it

What can be done to mitigate the risks?

How to detect cancer development?

Are any actions required if there are no visible condylomata?

Also, is there any statistical data on how often HPV 51 causes cancer in males?


I understand very few HPV "infections" lead to cancer. For a man ,if there is a cancer , it is very likely to be in the head and neck. Although squamous cancer it may not produce a surface lesion. Look for lesions, lumps, changes in voice, swallowing, sinuses. If have something find a doctor familiar with head and neck cancers. I had 3 doctors tell me I was imagining things until my cancer got to stage 4 by which time it was very difficult to treat.

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you got some rare type there. I got HPV 6 and 11, which causes oral and gential warts, but they can sometime cause cancer, but the chance is slim.

I understand HPV 16 and 18 are responsible for 70% cancer caused by HPV.

there are about 5% of people who has HPV will have cancer.

The type you got is classed as high risk, however, chance are you might never see cancer. As chance too small.

What you can do is have a healthy lifestyle, no smoking, drinking, fuking... Eat lots of vegetable and whole food. Avoid overly processed food like mcdonald.

have vitamin intake daily.

excerise three times a week.

don't be streeful.

it's all about having an easy life, your HPV won't have a chance to break out. Good that you don't have the warts, they are troublesome.


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