Reading the information available here and here, it's stated that both exercise and other injuries can cause elevated results on a couple of indicators commonly used to measure liver function. Specifically, it's noted that:

High levels of AST may be caused by:

  • [...]
  • Very strenuous exercise or severe injury to a muscle.


Some of the elevated LDH level causes include tissue damage due to trauma or disease, a recent heart attack, disease of the liver or the kidney or even the lungs, cancer, anemia, HIV, meningitis or encephalitis to name a few.

Which are fairly consistent but also a bit vague.

For instance, how strenuous must the exercise be to trigger a detectable increase? Are we talking about something on the order of running a marathon, or more like pushing things a bit too hard at the gym? And when it comes to injury/trauma, would superficial injuries like cuts, scrapes, and bruises be expected to have an effect, or must it be something more severe like a heart attack or other major internal injury? Lastly, what magnitude of increase would typically be attributable to "strenuous exercise or severe injury"?

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