I am 29 years old, I used to be fat, I was weighed more than 95 kg (I am 183 cm), And one day I decided to lose weight. I started to reduce food portions, no soda, no sugar on coffee and I lost 28 kg in 18 months, so I was 67kg (now I am 73 kg).

I do not do sport (just walking).

But something is still surprising me : I have super skin legs and shoulders and arms, but still have fat hips (not belly), it looks like my body is on a form of "A".

What can I do to lose those hips ? If I continue to reduce food, I think I'll be bonesy (especially on my face).

I am really lost and frustrated ! Is musculation and more food could be the solution ?

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More physical activity would very probably be a good idea. Body fat distribution has genetic determinants, and you cannot really target a body area for fat reduction. Conversely, exercising can have an impact on muscles and general fitness, in addition to improving your mood and maybe helping you be more satisfied with your body. It does not have to be musculation: you may try swimming, running, body-weight training, yoga or any individual or team sport.

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