Hy everyone!

My mom broke her right arm almost 2 months ago (I believe this is called distal radius fracture), and she had to undergo a surgery.

3 weeks after the surgery she started with physiotherapy, which lasted for another 3 weeks. Unfortunately, although she is very responsible with this (does everything that Dr says), the physiotherapy didn't show much of an improvement. Her hand is still swollen, the skin has a "bronze" color (she is caucasian), joints are very stiff, and she says that it hurts like hell when the therapist "stretches" her arm (fingers).

The Dr said today that she has what is called a Sudeck's syndrome (CRPS, RSD), and she was given a pack of corticosteroid pills.

My question is: her hand does not hurt in "idle state", only during the physiotherapy. I googled a bunch of articles considering CRPS, but I realized that all those (poor) people are in a constant pain. Is there some variation of CRPS without constant pain, or is it too early to tell if the pain will appear in future in my mom's case?

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