I am having problems sleeping because of loud neighbours. There isn't a diplomatic way to solve this. So I went looking for ways to make sleeping easier with noise, and I came across this answer in lifehacks.stackexchange, which suggests the use of white noise to mask the outside noise. And I understand that the way to do it would be just put some headphones or earphones, keep it playing and go for it.

This solution caught my attention, but I have worries such as becoming dependent on it to sleep, or having my hearing damaged because of it. Another quick research lead me to this page, and this answer on parenting.stackexchange, which concern only babies and is not exactly of my interest (I found the answers there too specific for babies).

I figured here would be a more appropriate place to ask and receive a more specific answer and information about the subject:

What are the risks caused by prolonged use of white noise to sleep?