What can cause infertility in men ? Can young persons like 21 year old can prevent themselves from infertility ?


Many factors can influence infertility in men. Some of these are related to sperm themselves (sperm amount, motility and shape), others are related to adequate hormone production, congenital and anatomic disorders, and at times infection.

Assuming you are otherwise healthy without anatomic issues such as retrograde ejaculation or congenital diseases like cystic fibrosis - there are some reversible things to keep in mind to promote male fertility.

*Avoid substance use like cocaine and marijuana *Quit smoking *Maintain a healthy weight -obesity decreases sperm count *Always use safe sex practices!! - STD infection can effect fertility *Avoid prolonged heat exposure while trying to achieve pregnancy (hot tubs) *Avoid long term exposure to toxins (chemical/factor workers) *Mental and emotional stress can temporarily decrease sperm count *Adequate sleep and control of chronic medical conditions *If you note testicular abnormalities on your self exams, see your physician

Hope this helps! Source, your friendly neighborhood physician

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