Hello guys!

I'm epileptic and last months I have some problems with my attention and my memory. Another problem is, I'm from Russia and we don't have here good pills or really qualified doctors and medication service. I mean we have no chargeable insurance, you need to pay for all. And if you can't, there are free service, worse than which only service in Africa... Probably.

So, I wanna to start using nootropics. But almost every medication has notice, that it can gives side effects for my disease.

Actually, I would like to use "Adderal", 'cause of amphetamine inside 'cause it steals all your attention whatever you do. And this would really helpful for me. But we don't have it here free for sale (to be honest, there is absolutely no drug here as I think, only strange online pharmacies sells it).

So, I wanna combine some local nootropics with amphetamine if it would possible.

There are 4 questions:

  • Is it possible?
  • Will it give the same effect as Adderall?
  • What is the probability that nootropics give side effects on epilepsy?
  • How will the probability increase if I mix nootropics with amphetamine?

    P.S. I use "Topiramate" for now (the best medication for me).

    Before I used "Lamotrigine" (worse) and before that I used "Depakine chrono" ("Valproic acid" is active substance as I know, that was the worst and the most expensive), which didn't help me at all.

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      Amphetamines require a prescription in most countries and are frequently drugs of abuse so tightly controlled. Obtaining them without a doctor's prescription will be difficult.
      – Carey Gregory
      Apr 18, 2017 at 22:50
    • @CareyGregory yeah, I understand that
      – user8936
      Apr 18, 2017 at 23:04


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