First, before I get slammed by everyone for this seemingly "outrageous" question -- I have to say, I am highly doubtful and leery of this claim, which is why I'm asking. Actually, I am fairly certain this claim is wrong just based on all the recent studies done on sugar recently and the lack of data in this supposed study, but I would welcome being "wrong" in this case. haha. (like I need another excuse to eat ice cream?)

My friend is currently in a nutritionist course while at college (though it's a 100 level course), and she very briefly reiterated to me a lecture her prof gave wherein he talked about how eating ice cream could actually improve mental concentration if eaten in the morning? I pressed for more details, but she had finals and was in a hurry... but she very quickly dished out this "study": International Business Times: Eating Ice-Cream for Breakfast May Improve Mental Alertness...But, as you can see, there really isn't an explanation or much details.

So, let's say if this study were to be true, how does this ice cream improve mental performance? And what are alpha waves, and how do they relate to this discussion?

Also, does anyone have more details on this study?

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