I have many PCG records with different lengths, what is the minimum length (minutes or seconds) that a specialist use to diagnose any abnormalities in heart?

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There is no fixed lenght for PCG. Usually is made paired with an ECG, in order to correlate electro and mechanic activity to sound activity.

Sounds in this case, come from the valves (1st and 2nd tone), so looking at a complete cardiac cicle it should be clear if the subject has a particular severe condition.

In the case the condition is not severe, more cardiac cycles can be useful, but the decision to record for minutes or seconds is personal. Usually longer records are made to take more data to analyze, but if you have a patology, you have it in quite every cardiac cycle.

In addition to this, nowadays, a PCG is less used as a time, because a simple auscultation can show you the same result as a PCG. It is useful for storing data during long time.


I've not many references, but only my personal experience. You can check any cardiologic and diagnosys book. If I find relevant references, I'll edit the post.

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