I'm a 21 year-old male. I've had mild acne since my early teens, and currently it translates to a few raised red spots on my face and many more on my back and shoulders in an average week. The more stressed I am in a week, the more spots I tend to get.

I've never really done anything about my acne due to an initial lack of knowledge about skin hygiene, and feeling too overwhelmed about all the information that was out there to start anywhere. As a result, the last few years of damage have also left me with a pockmarked forehead. I'm now determined to improve my skin to make it smooth and healthy again, but need to know how to go about doing this.

a) What are the root cause(s) of acne?

b) What are the most effective, scientifically-proven ways to clear it up?

c) Is it possible to undo the damage of the last few years on my pockmarked forehead in order to make it smooth again?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can provide me with a sourced, definitive answer - I'd really appreciate the help.


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  1. According studies, it's an interaction between genetics and environment. If you parents had acne, you might have. But, overall, diet and stress are big factors for acne : your genetic makes you more sensible to this. NCBI : Acne and food

  2. I don't understand if you talk about medical treatments or other... I will talk about medical treatments so. 2 classes of treatment can be used (in France, but I think it's ok everywhere), if it's not an hormonal acne : antibiotics (tétracycline) that have anti-inflammatory effects. It's good on low or medium acne. But when it's too big for use, it's better to use Retinoids like Isotretinoin, but it's an heavier treatment on 9 months, but very efficient. Acne types and treatments

  3. Recommendations (in France) are : after a treatment by Retinoids for example, you should let 2 years to completely see effects. The remaining marks can be treated by laser (or corticoids but it's less efficient). It is well known that exposing the marks to sun is bad. Acne advices


Acne can be caused by multiple reasons and the main reason is the clogging of pores due to oil and dirt around us.

You must always keep your skin clean to prevent yourself from acne, as well as if you have oily skin you must not use oily creams and moisturizers as they can clog your pores and cause acne breakout.

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