I've recently been prescribed a minimal dosage of Gliclazide (40 milligrams a day). I've been diagnosed type 2 diabetic for two years and until I was on the Gliclazide I'd never even come close to a hypo. Since I've been on it I've had 4 hypos. Today I had one, even though I'd eaten a lot of sugar (Had a bag of sweets shortly after lunchtime).

At about 6 pm I had another hypo. My wife read up on various things and told me about reactive hypoglycemia, and I was wondering if that's the likely cause of my hypo today. My eating habits haven't changed much in the last 12 months (I'm generally a good diabetic, with the odd naughty day, like today), but I was wondering if the Gliclazide could have made reactive hypos more likely?


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