There are multiple reports on the internet where people state that they got tinnitus from high blood pressure. Usually it is related to exertion or having an orgasm.

Just wondering if anyone has t from high blood pressure? [...] Mine is from excessive orgasm, crazy I know but I think the negative effect of it was major high blood pressure in my head/ ears. [...] I have white noise in both ears, morse cued in both as well as other tones.


When I signed up for workouts at the gym, it made my tinnitus worse and it affected my left ear as well. I was advised not to lift weights and do strenuous activities.


I have experienced this effect myself both after having and orgasm and while working out and exerting harder than usual.

I know chronic high blood pressure can cause pulsatile tinnitus, but my question is directed at non-pulsatile tinnitus.

I see multiple possible explanations:
1: High blood pressure elevates the intracochlear pressure. This might cause hearing cells to be compressed to death.

2: High blood pressure restricts the blood flow to the hearing apparatus, which would cause insufficient oxygen supply.


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