This is an MRI images of my brain. There are three red arrows pointing at there parts of the brain. I would like to the functions of these three parts, Please?

Are they control motion, speaking, hearing, smelling, emotions or something else?

I'm diagnosed with MS. I had optic neuritis. I don't feel anything else wrong. But they are three parts so I think there are three symptoms, not just one. So, would you help me discover what else I have?

I know that It is not allowed to diagnose people in this site. But this is not diagnoses. I just would like to know what the functions of these parts of the brain are.

Thank you very much,enter image description here enter image description here

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    With an MRI image there is usually a paper written by a radiologist with a detailed description of any abnormality. Can you find any?
    – Jan
    Commented Jan 17, 2017 at 20:26
  • Here is the link: drive.google.com/open?id=0BwgCajJ9oB7FRnJuOXJycEc3ODg Commented Jan 17, 2017 at 20:41
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    I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. This is not answering the question, but it is worth noting that white spots on the MRI from MS frequently come and go, and frequently aren't associated with any symptom. Commented Jan 17, 2017 at 21:13

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Three spots in the brain do not automatically mean three different symptoms. Even if those spots are abnormal, they do not necessary cause any damage.

A doctor in the "2. MRI report" says there are:

...few bilateral parietal subcortical tiny white matter foci...warrant further evaluation to exclude possibility of early onset MS.

So, there are 3 tiny spots in the white matter of the parietal lobes of the brain.

Parietal Lobes (Brainmadesimple.com):

Function: Processes sensory information that had to do with taste, temperature, and touch

Brain Lesions (MedicineNet):

Parietal lobes are where sensation is processed and interpreted. Aside from touch, pressure and pain, there is also the concept of spatial cognition, where the brain recognizes where the body is in relationship to the area around it.

What is the function of the parietal lobe? (Reference.com):

Patients with damage to the parietal lobe can suffer from language or memory loss and might also be unable to hold a gaze. Thus, the parietal lobe helps people recall words when speaking.

The visual processing within the parietal lobe facilitates writing and mathematical calculations. The parietal lobe is also responsible for perception and language processing.

Memory Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis...(American Journal of Neuroradiology):

Lesions of the deep white matter in the left parietal lobe have been found to be associated with impaired performance on the paired associates test, a test of learning and memory.

I'm not saying you should or will suffer from any of these symptoms. A neurologist, who can perform an exact neurological examination might detect some signs you are not aware of.

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