I have gastritis problem when I eat fast food. This year am kind of low in budget and won't be able to afford fast food. I depend on fast food because I come to work every early like 6:00AM and leave office like 10:00PM.

By eating apple, pear or others everyday for breakfast and lunch is enough to keep me healthly and hunger free?

  • If you have gastritis it would be best to see a doctor. They can recommend both an adequate diet and therapy if necessary.
    – Lucky
    Jan 5, 2017 at 18:12

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Almost everyone is facing gastric problem these days. There is not any permanent solution for this type of stomach problem when you take medicine you get relief for a day or two but i recommend you to use aloe vera juice daily empty stomach regularly for 3 months then you will see the difference. The regular use of aloe vera juice removes constipation and all other stomach problems permanently from root.

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