So, here I was, eating and drinking in the car because my family didn't have time to stop and eat (we're on vacation) and, anyways, while I was swallowing my strawberry hi-c, I felt this odd, tickly feeling in the back of my throat that made me twitch. I did not know wether that was the cough reflex or not, so I ignored it. But as that liquid went down, however, I couldn't sworn I felt something cold trickle down my chest area (both left and right side) Afterwards, my upper chest area DOES hurt a little (not unbearable) and I'm not wheezing or anything..(not yet!) But I'm quite frightened, nonethless. Please note: I am 16 yr old hypocondriac who has a severe swallowing phobia. Can anyone please help me? I really don't feel like begging my parents to take me to the hsptl.while we're on vacation...I want them to enjoy it without having to calm their anxious daughter.

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