I wondered what was the best for the health.

In general but also, I noticed that my sunflower oil indicates on its bottle that it shouldn't be cooked over 175 C°, what happens if we do (by mistake for instance)?

Bonus question: I picked those two oils because this is the only ones I really know about, is there other good alternatives?

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Actually, sunflower oil is very high in omega 6 and poor in omega 3 which isn't a good thing considering that the body needs a good balance between omega 6 and omega 3 to be healthy, and most modern food is way too high in omega 6.

In my opinion there aren't good oils and bad oils, it's all a matter of balance. I personally use olive oil for hot dishes, and colza oil for salads and stuff... most of the time. But you still can try and pick most of the oils if you feel curious (I think that palm oil is the only vegetable oil which isn't good for health even if used just a little).


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