There is a wide belief that smoking mariujana cures some mental and physical diseases, and actually has no harm to your health.

A large portion of these people are those who really trust scientific studies. But unfortunately, there are a lot of bogus news about science. Most of them advise "do not drink alcohol, instead smoke mariujana."

I have found this website which collected 60 peer-reviewed studies on medical mariujana.
However, I could not find any similar collection for smoking mariujana.

I believe smoking anything is worse than any kind of alcohol since
(i) alcohol harms only after a long time of regular consumption whereas it takes only one pack of smoking something to be addicted, and
(ii) the lungs cannot fully clean themselves but only the bad effects, whereas liver can refresh itself, and the body unless it is permenantly damaged.

Is there a survey/study about this matter?


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