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Top new questions this week:

How reliable is the determination method of reference ranges for blood tests?

A reference range is usually defined as the set of values 95 percent of the normal population falls within (that is, 95% prediction interval). It is determined by collecting data from vast ...

blood blood-tests hematology biochemistry  
asked by Bob Ortiz 6 votes
answered by Jan 4 votes

Crystalloid infusion during anaphylactic shock

My text book states that intravenous crystalloid infusion is a method of treating anaphylactic shock. I can't get why, as there is no fluid loss in case of anaphylactic shock, at least that is what ...

blood blood-pressure blood-circulation emergency  
asked by Asmaa 3 votes
answered by Carey Gregory 2 votes

How likely is intracranial thrombophlebitis after nasal hair removal and is there an increased risk for inhaling harmful substances?

I've noticed that some barbers practice some nasal hair removal methods. One method they use involves applying a type of "warm wax" connected to a stick, in the nose, cooling it and when the wax is ...

hair nose asthma inhalation blood-clotting  
asked by Bob Ortiz 2 votes
answered by Jan 0 votes

Are there any recommended or prescribed time limits for ambulance to reach a juvenile patient in case of emergency?

When I look for ambulance and how fast it should come, I find information regarding allowed driving speed. However, for planning hospitals and roads, one should no how much time is on average ...

emergency hospital reference-request children-kids  
asked by J. Doe 2 votes
answered by Chris Rogers 2 votes

Measurable vs perceived stress

There are some gadgets that promise to measure stress level (derived from pulse data?) Most of the devices that offer such stress detection measure the change in the interval between heartbeats ...

stress pulse  
asked by J. Doe 2 votes

Understanding Virtual ICU

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but I'll ask it anyway... I heard of this hospital called Mercy Virtual. It is a virtual ICU. How is this possible? In general, how can ...

asked by user17233 2 votes

Where do I find an interactive 3D model of the human anatomy?

For medical students and more generally for learning purposes, an open-source website with a 3D human body model, in which we can "navigate" (zoom and move/walk), a little bit like a "Google ...

asked by Basj 2 votes
answered by Basj 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is Low Blue Light helpful for preserving eyesight?

I'm a coder and interested in save my eyesight. I've met the term named low blue light. Monitors decrease the level of blue color and theoretically protect my eyes. Here's a quote from monitor ...

eye computers vision benefits technology  
asked by asiniy 20 votes
answered by Agent_L 14 votes

When was brain cancer first discovered?

Does anyone know: In which year was the first brain tumor discovered?

cancer brain history  
asked by Mahdi Jazini 4 votes
answered by Khan 2 votes

What should be the position of feet while sleeping?

I recently came across this post as I suffer from similar knee pain while hiking downhill or on a run. Also be certain you aren't battling other imbalances of the hips and legs. When you lay ...

sleep posture feet knee position  
asked by SyncMaster 3 votes

Low Carb Diet Causing Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

Can eating low (<20g) of carbohydrates a day be related to causing symptoms that are that of Peripheral Neuropathy? Pain areas: in the back, face, foot, hands, or thigh Pain types: can be ...

nutrition diet neuropathy  
asked by Brian says Reinstate Monica 4 votes
answered by Jan 5 votes

How to determine between a Baker's Cyst and a Deep-Vein-Thrombosis (DVT) behind knee?

Are there side by side image compairsons of what a Baker's Cysts (behind a knee) and a Deep Vein thrombosis (DVT) blood clot behind the knee looks like? I know Baker's Cysts, while painful, are not ...

knee blood-clotting bruising-bruise  
asked by Butterfly and Bones 1 vote
answered by Jan 1 vote

Is using vegetable oil bad for a ketogenic diet?

I have read on various sources that vegetble oil is improper for a ketogenic diet. But I do not understand why. If the fats are suppose to turn into ketones, which in turn are burned for energy ...

diet oil  
asked by Ro Siv 6 votes
answered by Agent_L 5 votes

What disorder would cause sweating to appear only on one half of the face?

Or a more detailed question, what would cause a vertical divide (through the center of the nose) of the face, where one half has normal sweat gland function and another does not? There are no motor or ...

neurology cardiovascular-disease sweat sudoriferous-sweat-glands  
asked by najtofni 5 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 4 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How does low-intensity aerobic exercise affect the brain?

I have been reading articles claiming that serotonin, endorphins and BDNF are produced during exercise, but they never mention the intensity or duration of exercise for this to happen. To not make ...

exercise neurology  
asked by Avatrin 1 vote

How does high-intensity aerobic exercise affect the brain?

I have been reading articles claiming that serotonin, endorphins and BDNF are produced during exercise, but they never mention the intensity or duration of exercise for this to happen. To not make ...

exercise neurology  
asked by Avatrin 1 vote

What is optimal testosterone level range for men?

I want to know what is the optimal testosterone level range in adult males? By stating optimal range I do not mean "normal" range. Because testosterone levels in males have significantly dropped from ...

testosterone male-men-man-boy hormonal-imbalance  
asked by Somanna 1 vote
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