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Top new questions this week:

Why does GFR have such a strange unit of measurement?

I have learned the unit of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is commonly reported in mL/min/1.73m². I cannot figure out the 1.73, is it just a scaling factor to get a number around 100 or does it have ...

kidney glomerular-filtration-grf  
asked by Andries Reurink Score of 2
answered by User65535 Score of 5

Is there a modern term for "pessary cell"?

I was reading about the vitamin B12, and came across the description of a rare syndrome, with a mention of the "pessary cell" (a red blood cell in which the hemoglobin has disappeared from ...

terminology hematology vitamin-b  
asked by CopperKettle Score of 2

What is the difference between different mask standards?

I am looking at buying a new batch of masks, since I still prefer to use a mask for my travelling. I am close to running out again, and the company that I previously got masks from now has a 'new' ...

covid-19 face-mask-respirator personal-protective-equipment  
asked by MagicLegend Score of 2
answered by Carey Gregory Score of 3

Topical local anesthesia affecting the brain

If a medical provider uses local anesthesia on say the nose or ears (a location near the brain), could it extend to the brain and put part of the brain to "sleep"? Would the patient be able ...

brain anesthesia  
asked by Erik Score of 1
answered by Bryan Krause Score of 4

Is it dangerous to consume 30 mg of Zinc (as Zinc Picolinate) per day?

I was looking at the information about a zinc supplement product. Its specifications show that each does contains 30 mg of Zinc (as Zinc Picolinate), and that this is 275% of the daily value. Since an ...

supplement zinc  
asked by Nownuri Score of 1
answered by Ian Campbell Score of 5

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between cal and Kcal?

When I started working out, I came across these two terms that are used interchangeably. On edible products energy is written in terms of Kcal While when running on a treadmill we lose calories. ...

nutrition terminology calories  
asked by xor Score of 8
answered by Pobrecita Score of 10

Help reading an eyeglass prescription: What does "PL" or "PC" mean?

I'm trying to purchase glasses online but I cannot figure out what the Spherical value is for the left eye (OS).

eye prescription glasses astigmatism  
asked by THE JOATMON Score of 3
answered by THE JOATMON Score of 2

How much sucralose does Powerade Zero contain? Why does that information not appear to be provided?

I recently discovered Powerade Zero, which apparently has zero sugar / zero calories and is artificially sweetened by sucralose. Normally when I'm concerned about sugar content (which is basically ...

nutrition sugar  
asked by bgoldst Score of 5
answered by JohnP Score of 6

Why avoid sunlight when sick?

Typical advice doctor gives you when you're sick, particularly with common cold and flu is: Avoid getting into direct sunlight. My anecdotal experience is that indeed when exposed to sunlight ...

asked by Tomáš Zato - Reinstate Monica Score of 2
answered by Blue_Elephant Score of -3

What can cause foamy urine other than protein?

I have got foamy urine for half a year and I recently feel obvious pain and burp after urine. However, when I use a urine test stick to test my urine (sold here), everything goes fine (no protein, no ...

urine kidney bladder-infection urethra  
asked by Tony Score of 8
answered by Laura Score of 1

What does "Townsend quintile" mean?

Can anyone tell me what does "Townsend quintile" mean exactly? I am trying to use this cardiovascular risk assessment.

cardiology cardiovascular-disease terminology  
asked by Cristina Florea Score of 5
answered by YviDe Score of 6

What is normal range of Anti TPO antiodies test?

What is normal range of Anti TPO antiodies test? My relative have undergone this test and got value 207. Her TSH is also 5.8

endocrinology autoimmune-disease thyroid thyroperoxidase-tpo  
asked by fatherazrael Score of 4
answered by Lucky Score of 5
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