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Top new questions this week:

Can sniffling lead to otitis media?

Is there any link between excessive sniffling when having a runny nose and otitis media? By sniffling I mean propelling thin watery mucus up one's nose into the nasal cavity rather than pulling thick ...

common-cold ears-nose-throat-ent nose-blowing runny-nose  
asked by MinistrChleba 3 votes

GERD - path to cure and prevent gerd from ever coming back

I am trying to wrap my head around the massive amount of information how is GERD caused and treated. GERD is caused by the lower sphincter of your esophagus relaxing abnormal or weakens, stomach acid ...

diet gerd-acid-reflux heartburn  
asked by Azifor 3 votes
answered by Jan 2 votes

Will eating a smoked steak every 2-3 weeks lead to high risk of cancer?

I cook steak every 2-3 weeks and I'm thinking about buying and using this Breville Smoke Infuser with my steak but I'm concerned about the cancer risks associated to smoking meat. Should I be ...

asked by burnt1ce 2 votes
answered by Steve Foutz 1 vote

Would "working out" with a respiratory muscle training device improve survivability of ARDS in patients without access to a ventilator?

"Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome" (ARDS) is characterized by a rapid onset of widespread inflammation of the lungs. The causes are many, and one such cause might become prominent in the near ...

exercise pneumonia respiratory-system mechanical-ventilation  
asked by Dale 1 vote

Why transfused blood has lower 2,3 - BPG levels

I read the following quote in the textbook Kaplan Biochemistry (2018 edition, page 183): Transfused blood has lower than expected 2,3 BPG levels, making it less efficient at delivering oxygen to ...

blood biochemistry oxygen hemoglobin  
asked by Physicsapproval 1 vote
answered by Mabadai 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between cal and Kcal?

When I started working out, I came across these two terms that are used interchangeably. On edible products energy is written in terms of Kcal While when running on a treadmill we lose calories. ...

nutrition terminology calories  
asked by noobmaster69 7 votes
answered by Pobrecita 9 votes

Is there any food restrictions after dog bite

When a street dog bites a human, Are there any food restrictions while being treated? I heard we should't eat spicy foods and non veg , is it another myth ?

food-safety animal-bites  
asked by USer345738380 1 vote
answered by Carey Gregory 3 votes

Will eye floaters ever disappear?

According to wikipedia on eye floaters: Floaters are often caused by the normal aging process and will usually disappear as the brain learns to ignore them. Even if this might be the case for ...

eye ophthalmology aging  
asked by Marco A. 17 votes
answered by kenorb 7 votes

What has hot shower to do with low blood pressure? What Are the Treatments for Low Blood Pressure? ... Avoid prolonged exposure to hot water, such as hot showers and ...

blood-pressure blood  
asked by Aquarius_Girl 4 votes
answered by Kenshin 3 votes

Is using vegetable oil bad for a ketogenic diet?

I have read on various sources that vegetble oil is improper for a ketogenic diet. But I do not understand why. If the fats are suppose to turn into ketones, which in turn are burned for energy ...

diet oil  
asked by Ro Siv 6 votes
answered by Agent_L 5 votes

how many 'lives' are saved from one donation of blood?

The red cross claims that donating blood can 'save up to three lives' That seems a highly exaggerated best case scenario. I'm curious, how many lives are really saved from a unit of blood? ...

blood blood-donation  
asked by dsollen 8 votes
answered by whitebeard 10 votes

Why does my antibiotic make my urine yellow?

When I was given antibiotics for fever by my doctor, I noticed that my urine is unusually yellow. Why is that?

side-effects coloration-discoloration antibiotics urine urinary-system  
asked by kathy 16 votes
answered by kenorb 10 votes
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