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Top new questions this week:

COVID-19 mutation nomenclature

Consider: Source: Where Do COVID Vaccines Stand Against the Variants? The nomenclature seems to follow a hierarchical pattern. What does the first letter and the subsequent numbers indicate? Location ...

asked by gatorback 13 votes
answered by JMP 9 votes

Do the hands fist after a body is hanged?

Recently, I lost a loved one to suicide by hanging. There was a man who arrives at him at some point after the person committed suicide. The man did not make any attempts to save the victim, saying ...

asked by codezombie 2 votes
answered by Carey Gregory 6 votes

Is there a viral disease which causes weak symptoms initially but then results in significant problems in the long-term?

It is often claimed that even though COVID is a very inconsequential disease for people under the age of 16, it is still dangerous to let them get infected as there might be unknown long-term problems ...

asked by JonathanReez 2 votes
answered by Bryan Krause 3 votes

How do neurosurgeons drill into skull without damaging the brain?

I stumbled upon some videos showing real brain surgeries and noticed how the surgeon often uses a hand-held drill to create a hole in the skull (for accessing the brain). This made me wonder: How does ...

asked by F16Falcon 2 votes
answered by Chris Rogers 3 votes

Is unprotected sex with a pregnant woman safe (for the baby) if the male is taking (prescription) drugs that are not approved as safe in pregnancy?

Is unprotected sex with a pregnant woman safe (for the baby) if the male is taking (prescription) drugs that are not approved as safe in pregnancy? Due to the risk of a small amount of those drugs ...

asked by Anon 1 vote

Did those who lose smell due to covid regain it after all?

We know people for example can lose taste or smell due to covid, some have this even for months, but is there data if people eventually do get this senses back or not?

covid-19 smell taste  
asked by daveBeginner 1 vote
answered by Fizz 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Oxygen saturation value of smokers

A person's O2 saturation, when measured in ambiant air at sea level with a pulse oxymeter (SpO2), is considered as normal between 95 and 100%. I've read (non-sourced Wikipedia FR fragment, no ...

smoking oxygenation biological-parameter  
asked by Shlublu 16 votes
answered by Susan 14 votes

How many Calories Deficit Equals 1 KG Loss, approximately

How many Calories Deficit Equals 1 KG Lost? I intend to loose weight and burn 500 calories daily in Gym. How many Calories Deficit Equals 1 KG Weight Loss, approximately?

weight-loss body-fat body-weight  
asked by The WP Novice 8 votes
answered by CCR 7 votes

How many times a week is masturbating good for health?

I'm 18 years old. Every weekend I watch a pornographic film and when it finishes, I do a hand job. In addition, on weekdays, I masturbate. My question is: Is it good for your health or not?

sex masturbation  
asked by ksivasuriyaprakash 15 votes
answered by Narusan 27 votes

Why do corticosteroids harm COVID-19 patients?

This Science Daily article states that steroids could do more harm than good in treating coronavirus (COVID-19), referring to this The Lancet article. Understanding the evidence for harm or ...

covid-19 asthma virus steroids corticosteroids  
asked by Bob Ortiz 16 votes
answered by Bryan Krause 20 votes

What's the difference between etiology, pathogenesis, pathology, pathophysiology and epidemiology?

Most of my searches either end up explaining any of the above words in terms of the other four, or explaining the concept in simple words in such a way that makes it difficult to see the difference ...

terminology pathophysiology  
asked by Yuganka Sharan 7 votes
answered by JohnP 6 votes

When was brain cancer first discovered?

Does anyone know: In which year was the first brain tumor discovered?

cancer brain history  
asked by Mahdi Jazini 4 votes
answered by Khan 2 votes

Effects of taking 1800mg of ibuprofen at once

I took one and I waited about 15 to 30 min and then I took two more. Each pill is 600mg. Altogether it is 1800mg in 30 minutes time. Could something happen? If not, could something happen if I took ...

medications side-effects pain  
asked by Ali Almoullim 2 votes
answered by Lucky 5 votes
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