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Mechanism of hunger in Roux-en-Y surgery

From my understanding, Roux-en-Y surgery involves the removal of the majority of the stomach, with only a roughly egg-sized pouch left. The purpose is to not only restrict the amount of food the new &...

surgery stomach intestine  
user avatar asked by Axis Omega Score of 1

Why does liposuction but not exercise cause fat embolism?

Long bone fractures as well as liposuction procedures are known to cause fat embolism compromising the circulatory, respiratory, and the central nervous systems. Since physical activity involves ...

exercise embolism  
user avatar asked by Avidgamer1938 Score of 1
user avatar answered by Chris Score of 1

How to determine QRS voltage from ECG?

Attached below is a question from my textbook "Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology Review, 4e" and I am confused because the solutions manual has the answer as B (0.5mV), implying ...

cardiology physiology electrocardiogram cardiac-physiology  
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Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Help reading an eyeglass prescription: What does "PL" or "PC" mean?

I'm trying to purchase glasses online but I cannot figure out what the Spherical value is for the left eye (OS).

eye prescription glasses astigmatism  
user avatar asked by THE JOATMON Score of 3
user avatar answered by THE JOATMON Score of 2

How to tell if my leg fracture is healing?

I had an accident in August and eventually had a cast put on. The 2 pictures below are my x-rays from 7th August and October 23rd 2015. I basically have 2 questions as I am considering going to ...

orthopedics bone-fractures x-rays self-healing-repairing fibula  
user avatar asked by daibatzu Score of 5
user avatar answered by anongoodnurse Score of 7

Why is BMI related to the square of height?

I'm aware that the U.S. CDC defines BMI (Body Mass Index) as mass (in kg) divided by height squared (in meters squared.) The CDC then defines what ranges are considered underweight, healthy, or ...

anatomy body-mass-index-bmi  
user avatar asked by reirab Score of 15

Is hydrogen peroxide therapy (drinking it) safe?

I've found some sites which claim that drinking hydrogen peroxide is "very" healthy for detoxification of the body. But these sites lack credible references. As far as I remember from secondary ...

cancer toxicity hydrogen-peroxide detox-purge  
user avatar asked by 404pio Score of 10
user avatar answered by michaelpri Score of 8

Why aren't leg amputations done at the knee joint?

I've noticed that leg amputations aren't usually done right at the knee joint. Instead, the amputation is done further up the leg -- up on the thigh bone. Why cut midway up a good bone like the thigh ...

surgery bones knee amputation  
user avatar asked by User1974 Score of 23
user avatar answered by Polyhat Score of 20

Can ultrasound gel be used as an internal lube?

I've come across mentions of ultrasound gel being essentially the same as lubricating gel, and I'm wondering if they can really be used interchangeably. I'm assuming this would be true for anything ...

ultrasounds lubrication transvaginal-ultrasound  
user avatar asked by gus Score of 1

Do transvaginal ultrasounds break the hymen if one is a virgin? Is it painful for a virgin?

I was diagnosed with PCOS a number of years ago. Recently, my OBGYN set up an ultrasound for me to check on the status of my ovarian-cysts. I just thought it would be a normal pelvic ultrasound ...

pcos transvaginal-ultrasound ovarian-cysts hymen  
user avatar asked by Pills N Pillows Score of 1
user avatar answered by Sofiko Score of 3
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