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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to have an autoimmune disease and no C-reactive protein in blood serum?

Autoimmune diseases cause inflammations. C-reactive protein should be elevated in a person with an inflammation. Is it possible that a person with an autoimmune disease (e. g. autoimmune hemolytic ...

blood-tests autoimmune-disease inflammation crp-c-reactive-protein  
asked by Hinko Pih Pih 6 votes
answered by Sikander 5 votes

Would it make sense to use aspirin as a prophylactic against covid-related blood clotting?

Autopsies indicate blood clots are lethal in COVID-19. So what Is Known About COVID-19 and Abnormal Blood Clotting? I was trying to think of something that might cut down on deaths from covid-19, ...

covid-19 blood blood-clotting  
asked by Andre Duval 4 votes
answered by Sikander 2 votes

In the Moderna phase 3 clinical trial of the vaccine for COVID-19 what is in the placebo?

Moderna has started a phase 3 clinical trial to evaluate if their vaccine can prevent coronavirus disease 2019. What specifically is in the placebo?

asked by davidjhp 2 votes
answered by Bryan Krause 4 votes

how to test the effectiveness of a mask concept, that creates artificial distance

Distance is seen as a very good precaution against COVID-19. If we all could breath in at a hight of say 2 meters and breath out a a hight of 50 cm, then we could stand right next to each other and ...

covid-19 disease-transmission personal-protective-equipment ppe  
asked by Philipp Wettmann 2 votes

How would we run experiments to determine the prevalence of aerosol COVID19 spread (long time and long distance) versus droplets?

The droplets vs aerosol debate for COVID19 is heating up. WHO has revised it's aerosol evidence review here: ...

covid-19 coronavirus  
asked by chongman 2 votes
answered by chongman 0 votes

Is it possible to measure glucose levels only by the eye?

I was surfing the web to find a good project to make, using Deep Learning applied to the Medical Sciences and I saw a freshman that built an app that can reads the glucose levels only with a picture ...

diabetes type-2-diabetes glucose type-1-diabetes  
asked by Tomás Bettencourt 2 votes

How can I take Blood Pressure into the Cardiac Output formula

I wanted to know if there is some kind of formula that can help me calculate the Cardiac Output. So, lets say we have a standing person. The SV should be around 100cm2 for the average adult, and let's ...

blood blood-pressure heart  
asked by Maritn Ge 1 vote
answered by Physicsapproval 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does "sinus rhythm otherwise normal ECG" mean?

I just recently made an ECG to be able to participate in a study and I am curious what "sinus rhythm otherwise normal ECG" means. Is my sinus rhythm out of order? A doctor will be checking my ECG and ...

cardiology medical-device  
asked by exhausend 8 votes
answered by JohnP 7 votes

Is it advisable for a healthy male in his early 40s to take the influenza vaccine?

Influenza vaccines do not have satisfactory effective rates of preventing flu. Flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu illness by between 40% and 60% among the overall population during seasons when ...

vaccination influenza mercury  
asked by user781486 24 votes
answered by StrConDexWisIntCha 61 votes

Effects of X-rays on the human body

What is the maximum number of times a person can safely undergo x-ray scanning? If this limit is exceeded, are there serious and/or life threatening side effects that the person may experience?

side-effects radiologic-studies  
asked by Akshay Vasu 8 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 6 votes

Could any vaccines be dangerous for people with G6PD enzyme deficiency?

I have searched a lot, but didn't find an answer for this: Are there any vaccines that could be dangerous for people with G6PD enzyme deficiency? About G6PD enzyme deficiency: ...

side-effects vaccination deficiency  
asked by Niklesh Raut 4 votes
answered by M. Arrowsmith 6 votes

What are these lines in teeth?

The following tooth cracks are noticeable when a torch is shining on them (without the torch, they aren't visible). Are they serious? How viable are the teeth, and might they need to be replaced ...

asked by Jez 41 votes
answered by michaelpri 33 votes

How much difference should there be between systolic and diastolic pressure?

How much of a difference should there normally be, between systolic and diastolic pressures? What could cause them to be too far apart, or too close together? What other symptoms could such deviation ...

blood-pressure cardiology  
asked by Iszi 9 votes
answered by Susan 5 votes

Why will there be vaccines first before a cure for COVID-19?

I found this link on the internet: 70 vaccines are getting ready for coronavirus: 3 very promising Why is it that there will be vaccines before a cure? Shouldn't it be the other way around? What is ...

covid-19 vaccination coronavirus  
asked by mvr950 19 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 63 votes

Can you answer these questions?

As a physician looking for extra work, how do locum tenens sites work?

I'll be taking a lengthy break from my full-time job as a physician at a hospital, and I'm considering locum tenens. I'm in the US, but I can go to any state (preferably east coast) if the pay's good ...

asked by George 1 vote

Are there independent studies on the efficacy of vaccines?

Is there a collection, meta analysis or review of significant, independent studies that prove the efficacy of vaccinations? I am in discussion with a anti-vaccinationist who claims that the efficacy ...

vaccination epidemiology reference-request  
asked by Brokie 1 vote
answered by Blue Various 0 votes

Have any novel virus or bacteria ever been created by man in the laboratory that we know of?

This question may be off topic for medicine. Let us not consider COVID19. Are there any known man made viruse or bacteria ever created or modified by man that we know of? Bio weapons labs weaponize ...

virus bacteria medical-history  
asked by Sedumjoy 1 vote
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