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Top new questions this week:

How does the type of syringe impact the number of doses of Corona vaccine available per vial?

In an interview with Ron Klain (Biden's Chief of Staff) on CNN this morning, it was suggested that Biden would invoke the National Defense Production act to increase the production of syringes that ...

covid-19 vaccination coronavirus  
asked by BobE 1 vote

Covid-19 mortality rates lower among some diabetes patients

It has been found that hospitalized COVID-19 patients have a greater risk of dying if they are men or are obese or have complications from diabetes or hypertension (University of Maryland School of ...

covid-19 diabetes type-2-diabetes metformin  
asked by Chris Rogers 1 vote
answered by Fizz 1 vote

What fluids are found in effusions after anticoagulant poisoning?

Although this is technically a veterinarian question, all answers are welcome. ACR rat poisons use anticoagulants to cause internal bleeding and thus death in rodents. If used improperly, poisoned ...

blood poison plasma  
asked by Henry Stone 1 vote

Why does the Pfizer’s Covid vaccine because more intense intense symptoms after second shot then after the first shot? (mirror) mentions: The FDA says Pfizer’s Covid vaccine is safe and effective. But trial participants warn of intense symptoms after second shot. Why does the Pfizer’s Covid vaccine because ...

covid-19 vaccination symptoms  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 1 vote

Is the code from the mRNA vaccine executed by the cells as a one-off?

Is the code from the mRNA vaccine executed by the cell that has taken it up as a one-off or does the cell produce the spike proteins endlessly (like a programming loop) until the cell is killed by the ...

covid-19 virus vaccination genetics dna  
asked by Lukasz Korzybski 1 vote
answered by Fizz 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is using urine to clean a wound better than non-sterile water?

I have heard that if you are in the wilderness and need a sterile fluid to rinse a wound, urine is an acceptable choice. Sometime ago this topic came up while discussing emergency treatment. It was ...

wound-care first-aid  
asked by James Jenkins 11 votes
answered by Miati 7 votes

What should be the position of feet while sleeping?

I recently came across this post as I suffer from similar knee pain while hiking downhill or on a run. Also be certain you aren't battling other imbalances of the hips and legs. When you lay ...

sleep posture feet knee position  
asked by SyncMaster 3 votes

What does "sinus rhythm otherwise normal ECG" mean?

I just recently made an ECG to be able to participate in a study and I am curious what "sinus rhythm otherwise normal ECG" means. Is my sinus rhythm out of order? A doctor will be checking my ECG and ...

cardiology medical-device  
asked by exhausend 8 votes
answered by JohnP 7 votes

Do tampons cause menstrual pain?

I heard that from the pressure of tampons used during menstruation, women can get lower abdominal pain. What are the causes that lead from pressure to pain. Does this pain increase with different ...

pain gynecology menstrual-cycle tampons dysmenorrhea  
asked by velop 2 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 5 votes

Blood pressure reading more at evening time

I discovered was that my blood pressure didn't stay the same all the time. It was lowest first thing in the morning (a reading of 120/70), went up a little at lunchtime (135/80) and was highest in the ...

blood-pressure blood  
asked by Raman 3 votes
answered by YviDe 2 votes

What is normal range of Anti TPO antiodies test?

What is normal range of Anti TPO antiodies test? My relative have undergone this test and got value 207. Her TSH is also 5.8

endocrinology autoimmune-disease thyroid thyroperoxidase-tpo  
asked by fatherazrael 4 votes
answered by Lucky 5 votes

Why not induce vomiting after accidental pills intake?

I've read that one should not induce vomiting after an overdose of pills. The only reasonable explanation I found is that caustic substances may damage the esophagus (does not apply here) the vomit ...

first-aid stomach vomit overdose  
asked by WoJ 9 votes
answered by JohnP 6 votes

Can you answer this question?

Are there vaccines that are safe to use in adults, but harmful in children?

I've recently read an article mentioning how vaccine companies are enrolling children to test if their vaccines work on kids too. But is this just a theoretical concern or is there historical ...

asked by JonathanReez 1 vote
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